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Linda Reilly's The Girl With The Kitten Tattoo claws for celebration

The Girl with the Kitten Tattoo : Claws of Action

claws for celebration claws of death escape claws

Claws for Celebration : Claws of Death : Escape Claws

linda reilly's deep fried mysteries

a frying shame out of the dying pan fillet of murder

A Frying Shame : Out of the Dying Pan : Fillet Of Murder

linda s reilly's apple mariani mysteries

linda reilly's some enchanted murder

Some Enchanted Murder

Some Enchanted Murder was a finalist for the 2014 Silver Falchion Award
in the category Best First Novel: Cozy, Traditional and Historical.


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sammy the sleuth by linda reilly

Sammy The Sleuth - a free read

Click the link or cover above if you’d like to read a fun, fast, Halloween mystery!
SAMMY THE SLEUTH is reprinted from an October 2002 issue of Woman’s World Magazine.